Functions and Resources of Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) introduces a resource called Accelerators, which is a response to what, according to Microsoft, is now one of the most common users of browsers: copy information from one page to paste into another.

For example, if you find the address of a restaurant that would like to visit, then pasted the address from a website into a site map, so to find out how to get there? Or, you can copy text from a Web page in the body of an email he sent to a friend or colleague.

The accelerators can automate this process. In IE8, whenever you select text on a Web page, an Accelerator icon appears at the end of the selection as a square icon with a blue arrow. Clíquelo and you will see a menu containing a list of “accelerators” which are applications or websites that have something to do with selected text.

IE8 comes with pre-configured with Microsoft to accelerate the brand, including Live Search, LiveMaps, Hotmail and others. But you can easily set their own accelerators. The only downside is that it seems entirely possible to get rid of the Accelerators icon if you do not want to have anything with him.

Another novelty is the InPrivate browsing, replication of the resource Incognito Microsoft introduced its browser Google Chrome. In short, it provides an InPrivate browsing session that leaves no traces of websites you have visited or who have written texts in the forms online. To justify this action, Microsoft cites the example of someone who wants to shop in secret for a special birthday gift.

Others will no doubt find other uses, but it is important to note that InPrivate does not mask the IP address (Internet Protocol) from your computer, which is the unique number that identifies each computer connected to the Internet.

Another new feature is Web Slices in IE8 (literally slices the Web). Available only for sites for skilled Web Slice, “this resource constantly monitor sites you visit frequently for updates. When updates to the site – a new email, a change of state in an auction or you are controlling a new entry in a blog-you will be notified through a Web Slice icon in the Favorites bar, under the sub section Sources contains buttons for quick access to Favorites, and Web Slices Suggested Sites (Suggested Sites).

Many other small additions or improvements in IE8. Pressing Ctrl-F ( “Find or Search), for example, no longer opens a dialog box suspended over the screen. On the contrary, as in Firefox, Find is included in the header of the site, so that nothing obscures the text of the page where you are performing a search.

A new filter SmartScreen Filter helps protect you from Web sites already recognized as perpetrators of phishing or stealing from bank accounts. In this way, even if you fall prey to a fake email in which you can click a link that leads to a site of “scam”, it will save SmartScreen.


Another problem is the compatibility of IE8 with all websites. Microsoft developers to build a new IE8 rendering engine “playback engine used to decode and present web pages.

The purpose was to increase the compatibility and improved speed, and the latter was fully achieved. IE8 is both subjectively and quantitatively faster than previous versions of Internet Explorer, and can compete with the fastest browsers available today.

However, a goal was more difficult to achieve full compatibility with all Web sites, in part because some sites had been built specifically to work around the flaws and idiosyncrasies present in previous versions of Internet Explorer, which is not always fulfilled with the Web. The new version, IE8, conforms more to the Web standards, but the ironic effect of this is that some sites do not appear properly in IE8.

The solution found by Microsoft to this problem was to introduce a “compatibility view” that, when in action, solves all problems that you can find specific Web sites.

Vista compatibility is found in the Tools menu in IE8, and there is also a compatibility view button that can appear to the right of the Web addresses in the address bar.

If you installed IE8 and I do not like, can I go back to IE7? Yes, if you find that IE8 is not to your liking, you can uninstall it via the usual tool Add / Remove Programs (XP) and Resources (Vista). This will restore your previous versions of IE8, with all its settings.

However, you can not use IE7 and IE8 on the same computer simultaneously.

What can be working with two browsers on the same machine. You can have IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and other browsers installed on a computer to see what you like best.

To transfer to your hard drive version of IE8 the most appropriate for your location, just open any search engine and type in “ie8” and download it at first.

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